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Episode #7 – Adulting  – Why are we tired all the time?

Why are millennial social workers so tired all the time? Why can’t we fold our laundry the day we wash it and find joy in buying overpriced lattes? This week we get real and talk about why it is harder to be a social worker than ever before!

Previous Episodes

Episode #6 – The Episode for Social Work Students: 2020 Edition

Are you a social work student? You need to hear this. Going to school to be a social worker is unlike any other time in history. Hear from Jennifer and Imelda as they share their experience in teaching as well as field work for some guidance on how to have a great school year.

Episode #5 – Women’s March, from Reaction to Action

After the 2016 election, hundreds of thousands of women across the country joined a moment that became a movement. In this episode, Imelda shares her experience as Arizona Women’s March planning board member and talks to us about the movement, why women march, and how to engage in your community.

Episode #4 – Social Work in Times of Covid

2020 has been an interesting and challenging year, to say the least. On this episode, we share our personal experiences as professionals and one or two tips that might be useful for you.

Episode #3 – Coping Skills and Self-Care

Self-care has been a popular term lately, everyone promotes it but only a few actually practice it. In this episode we discuss how self-care and coping skills might look very different for everyone and might not necessarily involve bubble baths and massages. 

Episode #2 – 3 Common Challenges for Social Workers

When we ask social workers the top things they struggle with, the answer is almost always the same: Documentation, boundaries, and case loads. In this episode, we cover all 3 of them! Join us as we share useful tips on collaborative documentation, billable hours and more!

Episode #1 – A Little Bit About Us

Welcome to Social Worker’s Break Room, the Podcast! In this first episode we talk a little bit about who we are and why we are doing this.



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