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Imelda Ojeda, MSW, MPA

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Imelda Ojeda is a social worker, immigrant, and community servant with years of experience working in the social and behavioral health systems. Imelda was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico and after completing high school decided to move to Arizona to pursue higher education. As a Social Worker and public servant, Imelda strives to continue fostering her passion and career in the public sector to address the unique needs of the Southwest population.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a double Master’s degree in Social Work and Public Administration from Arizona State University. Imelda currently works as the Development Director for a national children’s charity organization, she is a Faculty instructor at ASU School of Social Work and the founder of a grassroots community space for social workers in Arizona (AZSWN). Imelda strives daily to give back to others and to pay forward all the opportunities she has been privileged with through volunteering, mentoring, and organizing social justice efforts in her community.

Jennifer Tunning, LMSW, CPG

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Jennifer Tunning is an LMSW and credentialed gerontologist who received her Master’s in Social Work and Gerontology certificate from Arizona State University. She has directed social service and utilization management departments in the Phoenix area and currently serves as a regional director of behavioral health, therapist, hospital social worker, and professor. Jennifer serves on a zoning committee and is passionate about harm reduction, community advocacy, food and healthcare access, and marginalized populations.

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