Welcome to Social Worker’s Break Room, The Podcast!

Social Worker’s Break Room was born out of the need to have a safe space where we can talk about all the unspoken truths of social work and beyond. We are social workers based in the Southwest,  we both hold a MSW from Arizona State University and come to this show with years of experience in the field both in the micro and macro level. What does that mean? We are community social workers who love clinical work but also understand that in order to make a long-lasting impact and change we must be vocal and active advocates.

This show is a mix of personal experiences from us and the audience, guest interviews, trending topics and all the unspoken truths of social work. You know, all those things that we talk about in the break room that often leave us with more questions than answers.

As we continue developing topics of the show, we welcome all your suggestions, ideas and feedback. Feel free to reach out to us through here or find us on social media. Episodes will be released every other Thursday and you can subscribe below. We hope you enjoy!

Meet Imelda & Jennifer

Our very first picture together, the night when we met at a bar and talked for hours about licensing, clinical supervision, teaching, and all things social work! You know, the typical bar conversation.



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